Don’t You Miss Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line?

6126 may have left sales floors — but never left our hearts.

1. In 2008 Lindsay Launched 6126, her line of “designer” leggings.

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2. The line was named after Lindsay’s idol, Marilyn Monroe.

6126 represents Marilyn’s birthdate of June 1, 1926.

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3. Sub-lines of the brand paid homage to that thing Lindsay just can’t escape: fame.

There were separate lines of styles under names like Lust, Fame, and Star.

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4. These jeggings with leather pockets were called “Political.”

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5. But 6126 didn’t confine itself to leggings when it first launched. The line also featured “ankle gloves.”

Leopard ankle gloves.

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6. 6126 sold at high-end department stores for the same price as designer jeans.

Yet even at $132, this “Mr.President” pair was a best-seller.

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7. The ads typically starred Lindsay.

And didn’t look at all like a suburban mall glamour shot.

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8. In 2010, the brand eventually expanded into non-leggings clothing and accessories.

This competition had Forever 21 shaking in their boots. Except oh wait — no it didn’t.

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9. Since there was now so much stuff to model, Lindsay’s sister Ali was brought in to help with the modeling.

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10. Ali wasn’t big on eye contact.

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11. Or hands.

ID: 1083847

12. But she was sort of capable of emoting sometimes!

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13. But even Ali’s hard work wasn’t enough to save 6126.

The label is no longer available in major retailers.

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14. Lindsay is currently suing her 6126 business partner for $1 million!

Early this year she sued against Kristi Taylor for fraud, trademark infringement, and breach of contract. “Lindsay is very passionate about her fashion design, and she’s looking forward to re-launching the line with another partner,” her lawyer told the Daily News.

ID: 1085452

15. That’s right — Lindsay plans to return 6126 to its former glory.

Her lawyer explains,”She wants to enter into negotiations to license a clothing line and accessories.”

ID: 1085499

16. Until then, a sobering reminder of how hard the mighty can fall remains on

6126 may be out of stock, but will never be out of our hearts.

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17. But we will wait patiently for 6126’s comeback, because no one else can do justice to “the glamour of once upon a time.”

From 6126’s Facebook page.

ID: 1083585

18. So to anyone considering a new fashion/beauty venture with la Lohan, let’s get to it.

After all, things worked out so well with Ungaro, Sephora and Philipp Plein.

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