Nicole Kidman Wears Anne Hathaway’s Original Oscars Gown At Cannes

You know, the one Valentino himself sent out a press release announcing Hathaway would be wearing before that last-minute hullaballo over Amanda Seyfried’s too-smilar look.

1. This is the dress, from Valentino’s Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection.

Getty Images

It’s heavily speculated to be the gown Anne Hathaway intended to wear to the this past February’s Oscars.

2. It’s as ethereally extravagant and romantic as just about all other Valentino dresses, ever.

Getty Images

And yet, for some crazy reason, Anne Hathaway (or her stylist Rachel Zoe) didn’t feel sufficiently confident in its beauty to send her down the Oscars carpet when a similar look may have also been sashaying.

3. So instead, Anne went with this Prada evening apron.

Getty Images

Remember the nipple seams? Yes, you do remember the nipple seams.

4. While Amanda Seyfried wore the “look-a-like” proudly.

Getty Images

Really, it’s not even that similar.

5. Nicole is glad everything worked out in her favor.

Getty Images

Also, look at the floral pattern up close. It’s stunning.

6. And Anne pretends to be happy for her but inside she’s having a jealousy meltdown.

Getty Images

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