Jerry Hall Steals Her Daughter Georgia May Jagger’s Clothes

Also, on the state of the modeling industry, Hall said, “There’s quite a few people with anorexia and I think that’s really kind of grotesque.”

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Coordinating leopard prints.

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Model Georgia May Jagger and her mom Jerry Hall celebrated their Mother’s Day campaign for the Sunglass Hut (what else) with a tea (read: champagne) party at their Flagship 5th Avenue store.

“That dress she’s wearing, I’ve worn that once already,” Jagger said, referring to the leopard print shirtdress on her mom. “Haha yeah, I borrow from her too!” Hall added.

“I wear her clothes a lot. It’s gotten even worse since I’ve moved in with her,” said Jagger, who plans to move out as soon as the house she just bought is ready.

Jerry said she gets lots of valuable advice about makeup from her daughter: “She tells me what lipsticks, creams, and cream blush to get. And always to use products that keep skin moist. I used to wear more powder and that makes you look more wrinkly as you get older.”

Better working conditions for models like Jagger — and ensuring they’re eating disorder-free — are huge issues in the fashion industry that never seem to get resolved. Hall, for one, is not a fan of the extremely thin look that worries a lot of fashion followers. “I don’t go for the really skinny look. I think that looks really unhealthy,” she said. “And they grow hair everywhere! They’ve loads of hair all over their arms. You don’t eat enough, you grow hair. There’s quite a few people with anorexia and I think that’s really kind of grotesque.”

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Georgia’s wearing a great dress by little known British fashion label M.O.M.

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