9 Completely Pointless Infomercial Products That Promise To Make You More Beautiful

Or just keep your shoes clean and your boobs big.

1. NeverWet

NeverWet is a seemingly magical spray that claims to completely repel liquid from any surface.

ID: 1355514

How liberating it would feel to just douse yourself in soda?

ID: 1356390

2. Hot Ponez

This is basically just six hair ties in one. But you better be a professional hairdresser if you plan to use one because it’s not easy.

ID: 1355680

I have a hard enough time doing a basic braid.

ID: 1356404

3. Stretch Genie

Stretch Genie stretches shoes. It’s a combination of spray and what appears to be a version of the thing all cobblers use to stretch shoes: a shoe horn.

ID: 1356425

Never trust something with the word “genie” in the name.

ID: 1355741

4. Air Curler

For the girl who uses an actual curling iron and thinks, “If only this were somehow easier but less effective.”

ID: 1356416

Even the footage proves that product is nothing but a hair dryer with a bucket on the end.

ID: 1356375

5. Kymaro Body Shaper

Like Spanx but somehow even less appealing.

ID: 1356367

The full-body corset you’ve been waiting for! Conveniently, it will be concealed by none of your clothes.

ID: 1356349

6. Tag Away

This product claims to relieve you of bumps and boils “harmlessly” and “without pain.”

ID: 1356824

I don’t think I want bits of flesh “falling away” from my body, thanks.

ID: 1356833

7. Easy Curves

This is kind of like the Shake Weight. Only possibly more pointless.

ID: 1356974

Great for the women who’s more bored than you can possibly imagine.

ID: 1356980

8. Bust Up Cups

Don’t let the fancy CGI demo fool you — these are just bra pads.

ID: 1355915

Guaranteed to boost one’s overall sassiness, if nothing else.

ID: 1355925

9. Ahh Bra

The bra designed to banish muffin top of the back. Sexy!

ID: 1357097

It’s basically just a sports bra that you can’t workout in.

ID: 1357107

So are you feeling inspired to buy one of these modern miracles?

ID: 1356699

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