23 WTF-Worthy Model Selfies

Shocker: models take a lot of selfies, and then they post them on Instagram. Chances are some are bound to get weird.

1. Georgia May Jagger

Captioned with typo: “LAMA SELFIE!”

ID: 1166187

“My makeup last night.” OMG Georgia, mine too!

ID: 1166212

3. Josh McLellan

“Hai guyz!! <(^_^)>”

ID: 1166246

4. Cara Delevingne

“Corkscrew me.”

ID: 1166264

Could her choice of hat really be a coincidence?

ID: 1166273

6. Chanel Iman

With Alexander Wang and a nosey pachyderm, because this is the sort of thing fashion people get up to at parties.

ID: 1166296

7. Karlie Kloss

Cute couple alert! Because this is what fashion people get up to at the MTV Video Music Awards.

ID: 1166311

8. Jourdan Dunn

“Mask time.” Although, really, that’s time enough. Moving on!

ID: 1166346

9. Joan Smalls

And moving on again.

ID: 1166370

Hopefully a “drunkstagram,” because Ke$ha doesn’t need competition in the beard fetishist stakes.

ID: 1166377

11. Lindsey Wixson

“So what’s up?” (And we’re back to creepy masks again, sigh.)

ID: 1166564

12. Chrissy Teigen

And other creepy facial things. Fake teeth, for example.

ID: 1166675

And real razors. This one’s caption reads: “In a very important meeting.” Chrissy loves a good “non-sequitur selfie,” you see.

ID: 1166710

Breast-bombing fellow Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk.

ID: 1166689

15. Liu Wen

Presented without comment. What’s there to say?!

ID: 1166409

16. Constance Jablonski

Not sure if this is a real animal or a foot stool. Questions, questions.

ID: 1166426

17. Sean O’Pry

Captioned: “Just another day with the family: Christmas and my cousin’s possum.” Sean just became my favorite male model.

ID: 1166460

“Cowboy Gary and I.” (Cowboy Gary is my second favorite male model.)

ID: 1166470

19. Behati Prinsloo

Do you think Behati and Chrissy share their gross/novelty teeth? Probably not, it wouldn’t be hygenic.

ID: 1166496

More feminine shade of pink: Behati’s glossy robe or the Bieb’s glossy lips?

ID: 1166540

21. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“Chilling with baby alligator.” NBD.

ID: 1166594

22. Robyn Lawley

Robyn didn’t caption this photo “Meow” so we’ll do so for her. “Meow.”

ID: 1166615

23. Naomi Campbell

A perfect awkward photo opportunity if ever there was one. (Not to mention a perfect awkward example of double denim done wrong.)

ID: 1166552

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