23 Wonderful And Important Fashion Gifs

Of people who want to have their ashes scattered in a department store.

1. “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf” is a film about Bergdorf Goodman and the expensive/fashionable things that happen there.

4. It stars Betty Halbreich, a legendary personal shopper.

8. It also stars Bergdorf VP Linda Fargo, who has amazing amazing style.

12. And of course every fashion person anyone cares about is in it, acting… like themselves.

Karl Lagerfeld.


Anna Wintour.


Christian Louboutin.

16. They offer a lot of sound advice.

Isaac Mizrahi.

18. You’ll also meet some cunning sales people.

19. See some runway porn.

20. And find out Manolo Blahnik is exactly like you.

21. It’s in theaters now!


And here’s an exclusive clip from the movie. Yes, it includes more Karl.

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