22 Ways To Dress Up For Halloween Without A Costume

That are better than your grandma’s pumpkin-embroidered cardigans.

1. A frank tombstone works for Halloween and year-round — if you’re kinda morbid.

Urban Outfitters, $34

ID: 1699925

2. But if you prefer something a little tamer, try a cutesy ghost sweater.

Urban Outfitters, $34

ID: 1699905

3. And this cardigan will help warm your bones on chilly autumn evenings.


Fred Flare, $50

ID: 1699967

4. Or wrap up your feet in mummy bandage-style socks.

Sock Dreams, $12

ID: 1700029

5. Try this classic with a gory twist.

Topshop, $6

ID: 1706534

6. And this creepy doll ensemble is wonderfully nightmarish.




Top, $31 and skirt, $24. Both at Romwe.

ID: 1699871

7. Try this blood-drenched skirt, if you’re not into subtlety.


ID: 1699881

8. Halloween celebration doesn’t have to be limited to orange and black.

Zoe Karssen at Dolls Kill, $133

ID: 1700150

9. And this jack-o’-lantern grins for you when you’re not feeling so jovial.

ASOS, $54

ID: 1700010

10. Just because you’re essentially a skeleton doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart.

Old Navy, $17

ID: 1706142

11. And a vampire cat is decidedly cuter than a vampire bat.


Forever 21, $14

ID: 1706296

12. There’s this charm bracelet that doesn’t have a direct Halloween reference but is still pretty creepy.

Would make a good gift for dentists. Infectious Threads, $16

ID: 1700040

13. But if you’d rather be more subtle with your spirit, a ring is a good place to start.


Etsy, $24

ID: 1700093

14. Earrings are great too, especially in spider form.


Pamela Love, $160

ID: 1700118

15. Or a web if you don’t like arachnids but value their contributions to society.


Jennie Kwon at Catbird, $420

ID: 1706058

16. These socks are quintessentially Halloween.


Topshop, $6

ID: 1706344

17. And this Frankenstein printed body-con dress is perfect for frightening nights out.


So like all of them, if you’re me. Christopher Kane at Browns, $432

ID: 1706812

18. A quirky charm bracelet is a cute investment for Halloweenophiles.

Q-Pot at Opening Ceremony, $430

ID: 1706388

19. And so is this fanged ring, if you’re still really into vampires.


Vera Meat, $78

ID: 1706505

20. There’s a kitty who’s terrified of puns.

ID: 1706414

21. And an unlucky rabbit’s head and a menacing axe — which make a perfectly lovely pair of earrings.

Bottica, $147

ID: 1706529

22. And these prim and pretty flats are perfect for the unabashedly girly zombie lover.


Iron Fist at, $50

ID: 1706672

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