18 Fabulous Style Tips From Senior Citizens

Statement jewelry, statement glasses, statement hair. Statement everything!

1. Pile on those bracelets!

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After all, isn’t that what forearms are for?

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2. Add a pop of color against an all black ensemble!

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3. When it comes to hats, the bigger the better.

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4. Coordinate with a friend.

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5. Top off your look with a turban.

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Bonus points if your hair matches!

ID: 1113086

Not clear if this is a turban or a hat. Or a french pastry.

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6. Eyewear is everything.

And get a little creative with lipstick!

ID: 1113179

7. You can never have too much suiting.

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8. Color is your best friend.

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9. Pattern is your other BFF.

Great way to call attention as you hail a cab.

ID: 1113349

(Champagne is also a good friend.)

ID: 1113450

10. Dyed hair doesn’t have to mean a blue rinse.

Grey is passe.

ID: 1113486

11. A good fur (real or faux) lasts forever.

Vintage pierces are a fairer alternative if your fur coat must be real.

ID: 1113686

Or simply carry your furry friend.

ID: 1113738

12. Helmet hair is, in fact, a good thing.

ID: 1113758

The legendary Lynn Yeager.

ID: 1113763

13. If it looks unwearable, it’s probably perfect.

ID: 1113810

14. There’s no such thing as too much leopard.

ID: 1113873
ID: 1113922

16. Get really creative with accessories.

ID: 1113856

17. And don’t forget to werk it.

ID: 1114000

18. But above all else…

… forget what anyone thinks and do what makes YOU happy!

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