16 Pool Toys That Aren’t Getting The Respect They Deserve

Human models get all the fame. But don’t forget about the props that also make a living on their looks.

1. This lobster is sick of being taunted by sushi platters on-set. Because he’s vegan.

ID: 1203363

2. This palm tree is not happy that its roots are showing.

ID: 1197065

3. This giraffe feels like this part of the shoot wasn’t fully explained to his booker beforehand.

ID: 1197100

4. Mr. Crab only wanted to cuddle tonight.

ID: 1197141

5. Whereas this alligator just wants to be loved for who he is and not what his scales are worth in the luxury luggage market.

ID: 1197507

6. This dinosaur battled extinction all for a foot to be planted in its face. Is that fair, really?

Because someone always gets the glory.

ID: 1197146

7. This dinosaur doesn’t even like sand.

ID: 1202179

8. And this T.Rex wishes he was dead rather than suffer this humiliation. Back in the day he booked background roles in Jurassic Park 3.

And now, this.

ID: 1197624

9. This baby deer is sick of being the responsible one.

ID: 1197382

10. This pool float is tired of being treated as sexual object.

ID: 1197439

11. This tiger has forgotten his safe word.

“It definitely started with the letter K, though.”

ID: 1197501

12. This penguin is deflated in every sense of the word.

Long days on set are hard. They’re both over it.

ID: 1202168

13. This inner tube feels lost and aimless without the lazy river it deserves to float in.

ID: 1202948

14. And this float doesn’t appreciate the grass stains.

ID: 1202959

15. One giant swan does not appreciate the “plus size” label.

ID: 1203108

16. And this skunk isn’t even a pool toy so just leave him alone.

ID: 1203130

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