11 Of Ryan Atwood’s Best White Tank Tops On “The O.C.”

The original Chino boy’s fashion staple.

1. The “Chino” tank top.

Clearly Ryan is in his old territory if you see a chain-link fence in the background.

2. The “bedroom eyes” tank top.

Admit it, you’d totally spend the night on the sofa bed of the Cohen’s pool house.

3. The “undergarment” tank top.

Used as a base for badass layer No. 2: the raggedy hoodie. And BAL No. 3: the leather jacket.

4. The “flirty” tank top.

Attempting to woo Marissa Cooper, it appears. Note the choker.

5. The “contemplating new surroundings” tank top.

Obligatory: “Welcome to the O.C., BITCH.”

6. The “making friends” tank top.

Seth and Ryan didn’t let their fashion preferences interfere with their friendship.

7. The “peekaboo” tank top.

Subtle, but noteworthy.

8. The “showing off my bod” tank top.

Enough said.

9. The “seduction” tank top.

Or is Marissa blacked out? Who knows with her.

10. The “classic” tank top.

Just Ryan bein’ Ryan.

11. The “OK we can see there’s a tank top underneath that shirt, you’re not fooling anybody” tank top.

You can take the boy out of the tank top but — no, actually you can’t. He’s wearing these things for life.

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