11 Of Ryan Atwood’s Best White Tank Tops On “The O.C.”

The original Chino boy’s fashion staple.

1. The “Chino” tank top.

Clearly Ryan is in his old territory if you see a chain-link fence in the background.

ID: 1469361

2. The “bedroom eyes” tank top.

Admit it, you’d totally spend the night on the sofa bed of the Cohen’s pool house.

ID: 1469366

3. The “undergarment” tank top.

Used as a base for badass layer No. 2: the raggedy hoodie. And BAL No. 3: the leather jacket.

ID: 1473097

4. The “flirty” tank top.

Attempting to woo Marissa Cooper, it appears. Note the choker.

ID: 1469372

5. The “contemplating new surroundings” tank top.

Obligatory: “Welcome to the O.C., BITCH.”

ID: 1469388

6. The “making friends” tank top.

Seth and Ryan didn’t let their fashion preferences interfere with their friendship.

ID: 1469391

7. The “peekaboo” tank top.

Subtle, but noteworthy.

ID: 1473276

8. The “showing off my bod” tank top.

Enough said.

ID: 1469407

9. The “seduction” tank top.

Or is Marissa blacked out? Who knows with her.

ID: 1469543

10. The “classic” tank top.

Just Ryan bein’ Ryan.

ID: 1469449

11. The “OK we can see there’s a tank top underneath that shirt, you’re not fooling anybody” tank top.

You can take the boy out of the tank top but — no, actually you can’t. He’s wearing these things for life.

ID: 1469480

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