25 Hedgehogs Trying To Escape Their Identity

It’s hard being a hedgie sometimes. :’(

1. Being a hedgehog can sure be tough…

ID: 788247

2. Cats treat you like mere hairbrushes!

ID: 788026

3. Humans think you’re only good for carrying marshmallows!

ID: 788084

4. Worst of all, you’re always in the shadow of that famous JERK Sonic.

ID: 788094

5. Sometimes it just makes you MAD!

ID: 788066

6. So you try to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL and hide

ID: 788106

7. Life would be better as a badass, predatorial shark.

ID: 788283

8. SURELY as a delicious muffin!

ID: 788219

9. Definitely as a sweet, juicy pear.

ID: 788306

10. If only you were a chill singer-songwriter.

ID: 788144

11. Or even an egg!

ID: 788271

12. A vampire disguise seems like a good idea.

ID: 788323

O, to have the grace of a ballerina.

ID: 788423

13. The tanned, productive paws of a farmer.

ID: 790968

14. Perhaps things would be easier as a southern belle!

ID: 788471

15. Some may prefer to be a dapper gentleman.

ID: 790745

16. Or maybe it’s just simpler to just blend in as a cactus.

ID: 788430

17. …Or an anteater?

ID: 790972

18. Sigh. If only life were as sweet as chocolate.

ID: 790855

19. EVERYONE pines for dry martinis, right?

ID: 790850

20. Sushi is totally in right now.

ID: 791017

21. Magical fairy powers would be wonderful too!

ID: 790768

22. Flying to the moon would solve EVERYTHING.

ID: 790947

23. Even being a PICKLE beats being a hedgehog.

ID: 790878

24. Maybe one day you’ll be cool and trendy…

ID: 790830

But until then, cheer up, little hedgie!

ID: 791078

Dream big…

ID: 791124

But don’t forget to celebrate being a hedgehog!

ID: 791070

Float all your troubles away!

ID: 791094

It’s all going to be okay.

ID: 790826

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