What’s Your Most Shameless Eating Experience?

Because we all go to great lengths for food.

1. Did you lick the plate when you thought no one was looking?

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2. Did you crawl around eating cheesecake off the floor?

ID: 848336

3. Did you gobble A GIANT PLATE OF HOT DOGS singlehandedly?

ID: 848438

4. Did you eat the Skittle you found under the couch?

ID: 848408

5. Did you attempt the Saltine Challenge?

ID: 848518

6. Did you pick off the mold and continue to munch?

ID: 848492

7. Did you spend an hour at Costco just for the free samples?

ID: 848340

8. Did you devour a container of ice cream in one sitting?

ID: 848463

9. Did you lick the shirt you spilled chocolate on?

ID: 848374

10. Did you drop your ice cream on the street, only to pick it up and resume eating?

I have only done this once.

ID: 848328

11. Tell us about your most shameless (or shameful) eating experience below!

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