What Is Frankie Muniz Up To These Days?

Here’s the answer to the most universal of questions.

1. Do you ever have those moments?

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2. You know, where you wonder “What is Frankie Muniz up to these days?”

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3. It’s been 13 years since “Malcolm in the Middle” first aired in January 2000!

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4. Well, he retired at 19 with $40 million in the bank:

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5. He took up racecar driving!

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6. …and was real humble about it.

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Read more here.

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7. He also got engaged!

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

…but they broke up. < /3

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8. Now he’s engaged to another chick!

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Aside from a dramatic domestic dispute last February, everything is dandy.

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9. He also joined an alt-rock band, Kingsfoil.

…why is he standing so far away?

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10. He was “honored” to see some misguided dude get inked with his signature.

Witnessing a guy get my signature tattooed on his leg! I’m so honored!! Amazing! Haha! #treephort

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11. He had a mini-stroke at the end of November…

Too much turkey?

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12. But he was strong enough to prevail!

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13. Above all else, he’s traveling…

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14. A lot!

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15. Positively jetsetting.

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17. Maybe he actually lives in airports?

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19. Nah…I guess he’s a first-class dude.

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21. Keep up the globe-trotting, Frankie!

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22. And don’t forget to follow him on the new Myspace?

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