Wear ANY Costume To Chipotle On Halloween For A $2 Burrito

OMFG. No tin foil necessary.

1. On previous Halloweens, you had to wear tin foil to Chipotle for cheap burritos…

ID: 660149

2. Now, you can wear ANYTHING! Right on!

ID: 660172

3. Minimal effort & cost….for this mouthwatering bundle of Chipotle deliciousness:

ID: 660070

4. Remember: you can go as ANYTHING!

ID: 659870

5. It could be as simple as painting your face.

ID: 659883

6. Or just writing on a shirt!

ID: 660033

7. You could also go all out.

Poppin’ fresh.

ID: 659871

8. You could be this:

ID: 659827

10. Definitely go as this.

ID: 659881

11. Basically anything.

ID: 659832

13. Any species.

ID: 660044

15. $2 burritos for all!

ID: 660147

Happy Halloween!

ID: 660276

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