Tumblr Alert: Actual Facebook Graph Searches

Facebook’s new search engine is already being mined for jewels like “Mothers of Jews who like Bacon.”

Actual Facebook Graph Searches is a new Tumblr that features screenshots of hilarious (and also mildly disturbing) searches that are now possible thanks to Facebook Graph Search.
“Don’t worry, we’ll all be used to this in a few weeks’ time,” the tagline quips.

ID: 834026

2. “Mothers of Jews who like Bacon”

ID: 833862

3. “Married People who like Prostitutes”

ID: 833891

4. “Mothers of Catholics from Italy who like Durex”

ID: 833893

5. “People who like Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris”

ID: 833895

6. “Spouses of Married People who like Ashley Madison”

ID: 833908

7. “Single women who are nearby and who are interested in men and who like Getting Drunk!”

ID: 833898

Ready to check on your privacy settings yet?

ID: 834036

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