14 Things You Might Learn While Living With An Anarchist Collective

Important life lessons, like eating unidentifiable plants from strangers. posted on

1. Hitchhiking does not result in certain death!

Danwithnoname / Via Flickr: 93459902@N07

Help pay for gas and become bff. Ridebuzz.org is also glorious.

2. Still, it is common to use a traveler’s name.

You might meet Badger, who will teach you about local edible plants, Tops, who writes fabulous zines on polyamory, and many other badasses.

3. It is wise to mention your insomnia in passing to others.

Caroline / Via Flickr: caroslines

A traveler might forage wild valerian root and brew a tasty tea for you. Another might give you sweet basil leaves to smell before bedtime. (I found neither effective, but both gestures were very moving.)

4. Weekend hikes are THE BEST THING.

Angela Meiquan Wang

5. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.”

ARZTSAMUI / Via shutterstock.com

At first you might think that everyone just doesn’t know how to flush, or doesn’t care. You may graciously flush for them until you realize that you are flagrant water-waster. (And everyone probably thought you were pooping constantly.)

6. Nutritional yeast is delicious.

Stephanie Frey / Via shutterstock.com

Cheesy, nutty, and wonderful - it should be as ubiquitous as salt and pepper. Sprinkle it over EVERYTHING.

7. Lentils can be turned into EVERYTHING.

Magdalena Kucova / Via shutterstock.com

Make a big ass pot of lentils at the beginning of the week. Wizard it into curries, soups, burgers, cakes, and more throughout the week.

8. Befriend farmers!

Ginny Gorman / Via Flickr: ginnylgorman

They will let you work in their gardens and reward you with fresh produce. They will also invite you to awesomely weird farm parties.

9. It is possible to cram 60 people into a 2-story house & backyard.

Does it really matter who you’re sleeping next to when no one’s showered for a week anyway?

10. It is also possible to build a sturdy geodesic dome with your bare hands. In 6 weeks. While working a day job.

You might just meet the badass who did it.

11. PICKLE EVERYTHING! In 5 gallon buckets!

Portlandia /IFC / Via omyperiod.tumblr.com

When you’re done pickling, you can use that bucket as a compost bin!

12. Skills are useful and great and you should probably always have at least one.

So you can share it!! And learn MORE from others!

13. Also, always have a “spirit vegetable” ready for icebreakers.

I identify as a gourd, mostly because I’m not entirely sure what that is.

14. And most importantly: share what ya got!

Ben Grey / Via Flickr: ben_grey

The best personal philosophy to live by!

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