23 Horrifying Foods From The Dollar Store

Mmm, “potted meat!”

1. “Beer Bread” - just add beer and butter!

Larry The Cable Guy is ALWAYS a trustworthy food endorsement.

ID: 782491

2. Entire breakfasts

What better way to start your day than with $1 scrambled eggs with hash browns and pork sausage links? Major DEAL.

ID: 782528

3. Chunk Ham

ID: 782497

4. Fish and cheese sandwich

Would definitely try the controversial fish ‘n’ cheese pairing in frozen sandwich form.

ID: 782519

5. Cocktail Smoked Oysters

Solid seafood is hard to come by in suburban Utah, where this dollar store is located. Would try this in times of seafood need.

ID: 782504

6. Lobster spread with cognac

Recession special fine dining. Would try this in times of major self-loathing.

ID: 782523

7. …and shrimp spread, from the same illustrious folks

ID: 782525

8. Wyler’s Authentic Italian Ices

Wyler: definitely an authentic Italian name. Would try because Otter Pops are awesome.

ID: 782562

9. Nacho cheese

Big tub of bright orange, questionable cheese - I’m actually pretty sure I’d enjoy this.

ID: 782508

10. Potted Meat

I actually did try this one. Didn’t get through the entire can without feeling violently ill, but willing to give it another shot.

ID: 782554

11. Chicken-flavored snack crackers

Try with nacho cheese or lobster cognac spread.

ID: 782617

12. All natural french fried onions

I don’t know what this means. This product confuses me.

ID: 782537

13. Dumplings & Chicken

Still confused here.

ID: 782539

14. Sugar free parfaits

ID: 782549

15. Luncheon Loaf

For a ‘fitting lifestyle,’ of course. Would try because BACON GRILL.

ID: 782551

16. Beef flavored rice/vermicelli mix

Vermicelli does not appear to be pictured. Would try this to figure out where the vermicelli is.

ID: 782700

17. Frozen packs of chicken drumsticks

ID: 782689

18. Frozen pork filets, right next door

ID: 782625

19. Vienna Sausage, from the people who brought you “Potted Meat”

ID: 782766

20. Brown gravy mix, by “Chef Swagger’s Kitchen”

This looks very promising - who could resist the charms of Chef Swagger?

ID: 782627

21. Canned German potato salad

ID: 782692

22. Single-serving snack sausage

Not sure if human food or dog food.

ID: 782685

23. Pre-packaged cheeseburgers

Seems like a better bet than cheeseburger in a can, which also exists. Would try.

ID: 782701

And conveniently right next to the food aisles, you can pick up industrial cleaners for your engine!


ID: 782702

All photos taken in an Orem, UT Dollar Tree.

ID: 782724

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