15 Reasons Summer School Is The Absolute Worst

From early wake-up calls to stifling, sticky classrooms, here are some reasons summer school totally sucks.

1. You have to wake up early while everyone else sleeps into late afternoon.

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2. Your teacher is just as excited to be there as you are.

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3. You’re stuck indoors while your friends are out actually enjoying their summer vacation.

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4. And they like to rub it in.

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5. In class you’re viewed as either a parasitic delinquent or a head-scratching moron.

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6. Most of your fellow summer school classmates are people you would NEVER socialize with.

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7. They’re usually the type of people your mother warned you about.

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8. Most of your assignments will be work you didn’t want to do when they were first assigned.

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9. Or you will be required to do a billion book reports on books you have no intention of actually reading.

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10. Exam dates sneak up on you faster, so you won’t have any actual time to study.

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11. You actually have to pay attention in class because you won’t have all year to bring your grades up.

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12. The time you’re used to spending in one class is doubled, sometimes tripled, leaving your brain feeling fried and deflated.

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13. The amount of weeks in summer school is too short to allow you to ditch a session or two…

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14. …And yet long enough to take up most of your vacation.

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15. By the time summer school ends, the new school year is about to begin.

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