14 Cats That Are Way Geekier Than You

You might be a level 20 warlock, but these cats aren’t impressed.

1. “I never go anywhere without my Skeletor.”

2. “Consider the litter box conquered.”

3. “I just registered for my first year at Hogwarts.”

4. “Almost finished with my 5,000 page Star Wars fanfic.”

5. “I dabble in cosplay… so what?”

6. “I just leveled up.”

7. “Go away, I’m busy rearranging my books based on quality of cover art.”

8. “Play? No thanks, I’m just going to read all day.”

9. “Physics rules!”

10. “I’ve never been more ready for a season of Game of Thrones.”

11. “There appear to be no enemies in these warp pipes.”

12. “It’ssaa mee!”

13. “I thought these things were supposed to be bigger on the inside.”

14. “Beam us up, Scotty.”

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