Watch Taylor Swift Challenge Tegan And Sara To The Best Dance Battle Ever

Who has the better dance moves? Watch what happened when Taylor challenged the sisters to a good ol’ fashioned three round dance off.

1. Round 1: Taylor goes in first with a few sassy shoulder pops

ID: 1541330

2. But the girls won’t go down without doing a few of their own

ID: 1541384

3. Round 2: You know Taylor means business when she raises her arm mid-song

ID: 1541335

4. But Taylor didn’t count on them knowing that one too.

ID: 1541401

5. Round 3: Taylor goes all out, giving sassy looks to audience

ID: 1541353

6. And she even busts out this one. Your move Tegan and Sara

ID: 1541371

7. Oh dear

ID: 1541415

8. Looks like Taylor is going to take this one home unless they come out with something amazing

ID: 1541409

9. Winner: Tegan and Sara

ID: 1541427

10. Check out the full performance here

ID: 1541262

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