Undeniable Proof That Spike And Angel Were Meant To Be

Just two neck-sucking dudes in leather pretending to like the same girl.

1. A greatly debated topic within the Buffyverse concerns who should ultimately end up with Buffy: Angel or Spike?

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2. For the first half of the series, the all-virtuous Angel is her guy.

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3. For the second half, it’s the rebel Spike.

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4. But a century before Buffy was born, the TRUE romance in the series had already begun to simmer.

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5. A vampire named Angelus met a vampire named William the Bloody. And sparks flew.

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So much UST.

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6. And the evidence is undeniable. Notice Angel’s snake-like tongue flip. Spike sure did!

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7. They really get off on making the other super jealous.

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8. First with Drusilla. Angel, we get it, you want Spike to notice you.

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Why are you even here, Drusilla? Leave, Drusilla.

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9. And then, obviously, with Buffy — who’s pretty much an extra in this scene.

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10. But there was one thing that always got them even more riled up than the ladies: each other.

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11. And when they quarrel, they quarrel like PASSIONATE lovers.

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12. But only cause of ~seXUal tenSiON~ AMIRIGHT?!

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13. But they’re also so protective of one another.

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14. And they pretend to hate touching each other just a little ~too~ much.

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15. EVERYONE sees it but them.

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16. And they’re both in denial about it. Quit pretendin’ guise. You know ur soul matez <3

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17. They even sulk in tandem: One broods. One acts out. Both love drama.

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18. Remember their date in Italy when they SCOOTED OFF INTO THE SUNSET TOGETHER?

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19. How’d you guys get chained up in the first place? Must have been a wild night. *wink wink*

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20. So you guys keep playing your games…

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21. …and pretending that nobody sees what’s really going on.

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22. But no matter how hard you try to hide it, everyone knows the truth.

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23. ANGEL + SPIKE = <3

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OTP of all OTP’s.

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OOPS: The article originally stated that Angel and Spike’s passionate love affair started “almost two centuries before Buffy was born.” Spike was actually sired in the 1880s. Their love remains eternal.

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