24 Signs You Grew Up A Video Game Junkie

Back, back, forward, square, circle, up, down, bro.

1. Forget about getting grounded. It was getting your games taken away that REALLY hurt.

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2. Birthdays were TENSE. If you got anything other than that new game, you’d have to put on your very best fake smile.

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3. Every device and gadget you could find was an opportunity for gaming.

Thinkstock / waxman3d

Mom thinks I’m doing math! What a n00b!

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4. You can definitely name twice as many original Pokémon than elements on the periodic table.

Nintendo / Via jonhyjabh.tumblr.com

Real talk: When’s the last time an “element” won you a gym badge?

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5. There was a time when these were the best graphics you’ve ever seen.

Konami / Via youtube.com


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6. If you didn’t bring an extra controller to your friend’s house, you were sitting on the sidelines.

Flickr: kafka4prez / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kafka4prez

And you were DAMN careful not to take home the wrong controller by mistake.

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7. Consequently, sleepovers involved very little sleeping.

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8. Trips to Blockbuster were sacred.

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9. A world without second chances is no world you wanted to live in.

SEGA / Via youtube.com

Um, YEAH I’d like to continue.

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10. Halloween was your only opportunity to dress like your true self.

Flickr: rukia13 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rukia13
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11. You studied cheat codes more than your textbooks.

Beckett / Via vgjunk.tumblr.com
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12. All experienced cheaters had Gamesharks. Fuck you, Zelda! You don’t own me.

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13. You wistfully remember a time when Mortal Kombat was considered “controversial.”

Midway Games / Via 286ega.tumblr.com

The innocent pre-Grand Theft Auto III world.

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14. And when there was no greater real-life rivalry than the one between Nintendo 64 and the Playstation One.

Toys R Us / ign.com

Toys R Us / ign.com

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15. You basically have a vitamin D deficiency because you never got sun during those long summer days.

Thinkstock / Ten03

The sun is a n00b anyways.

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16. You know screen-hopping is for cheaters, plain and simple.

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17. Cords had a mind of their own and trying to untangle them was a pointless endeavor.

Flickr: ekonon / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ekonon

And just the sight of this sends chills down your spine.

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18. Mario Kart abruptly ended a few friendships. It showed you people’s true colors.

Nintendo / kaiki.co.vu

Nintendo / kaiki.co.vu


“Don’t red shell me, bro.”

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19. And you MIGHT have broken a controller or two in frustration.

Hopefully that habit hasn’t persisted.

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20. The first time you played Grand Theft Auto, it looked really stupid and was difficult to navigate.

Rockstar Games

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21. You knew EXACTLY how long your batteries would fuel your Gameboy, right down to the day.

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22. And you vividly remember having to frantically save right before the batteries died.

You’ve had more than a few close calls where this is concerned.

ID: 3470502

23. Making room on your memory card was the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make.

This memory card would only be able to hold a couple of gifs.

ID: 3460586

24. And most importantly, you were blowing game cartridges since before they were making t-shirts about it.


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