26 Facts That Prove Mick Foley Is The World’s Coolest Person

We already knew he was a champion in the ring. Here’s why he’s a boss outside of it.

Mick Foley AKA Mankind AKA Cactus Jack AKA Dude Love is commonly known for being one of the most famous and respected professional wrestlers of all time.

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But there’s more to this hulking man than his wrestling career could sum up.

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And his matches were definitely intense. Yes, that’s a barbed wire ring.


When he finally got the opportunity to meet Amos in 2008, she turned him onto an organization with which he would become very involved: RAINN.

RAINN / Via rainn.org

Here’s Mick, Tori Amos, and his wife Colette.

3. He is constantly raising funds for and making large donations to RAINN. He auctioned off his priceless wrestling memorabilia (including Mr. Socko) and donated half of his advance from his memoir, Countdown to Lockdown.

5. And to anyone who makes a donation of more than $5000, he will personally go to your house and mow your lawn.

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7. Foley emerged as the “anchor heavyweight wrestler” of his high school wrestling team when actor Kevin James went out with an injury.

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8. He writes childrens’ books with a clear anti-bullying message.


9. In fact, bullying really grinds his gears. He made a guest appearance on the Daily Show just to threaten school bullies who were teasing 10-year-old Will Phillips, a vocal advocate for gay rights.

Comedy Central / Via thedailyshow.cc.com

10. Mick Foley has a long track record of advocating for children. He sponsors several for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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12. Earlier this year, he rounded up some big name wrestling alumni for a fundraiser at Lee Road Elementary school on Long Island, where he grew up. The fundraiser benefitted the PTA board.

Mick Foley / Via newyork.cbslocal.com

13. Not only is he a big advocate for children, but in many ways he’s a big child himself.

15. But he’s kinder than Santa. Foley gave his furniture to a Long Beach family who lost all of theirs in Hurricane Sandy. He then invited himself over for dinner so he could “eat at his old table one last time.”

Courtesy of Alexandra Gialanzé / Via Facebook: RealMickFoley

Here’s a photo of Foley and Alexandra Gialanzé, a member of that Long Beach family.

16. He has participated in some of the most brutally intense matches in professional wrestling history.


18. …but he was ON Boy Meets World as his most famous wrestling persona, Mankind.


19. Speaking of unexpected cameos, he also appeared on 30 Rock.


21. Mick Foley has also made “20 visits in a 20-month period” to injured troops in the Washington DC area. He was spotted taking 11 injured veterans to a Washington Nationals game in 2005.

23. At Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity, Foley was awarded a “Medal For Reasonableness.” It was well earned.

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24. He and his family were featured on an episode of Wife Swap. SPOILER: he was the cool dad.

ABC / Via youtube.com

26. He has one of the most memorable finishing moves ever.

WWE / Via youtube.com

Yes, that’s Mr. Socko in the Rock’s mouth.

Mick Foley: the world’s coolest person.

Getty / John Sciulli / Staff

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