25 Design Flaws That Will Bring Physical Pain To Any Perfectionist

Focus on the little things, they told me.

1. This cryptic elevator logic.

ID: 3490568

2. This mind numbingly crooked outlet.

ID: 3490315

3. This sorry excuse for the letter “t.”

ID: 3490380

4. This inconsistent distribution of pepperoni.

ID: 3490317

5. This nightmare house where dreams go to die.

ID: 3496021

6. This extremely poor substitute for the letter “g.”

ID: 3496547

7. This application to work at A…………………………………………………………………………..rby’s.

ID: 3495955

8. This miscalculated light switch placement.

ID: 3490327

9. These fuckering lights.

ID: 3495963

10. This sickening break in parking space line continuity.

ID: 3490322

11. This misunderstanding of the order in which words are read in English.

ID: 3496092

12. This slightly misleading up-button.

ID: 3490489

13. This tile in desperate need of a counter-clockwise rotation.

ID: 3490559

14. This off-center walking ramp.

So close, yet not remotely.

ID: 3490582

15. This nauseatingly useless screw.

ID: 3490585

16. This sorry excuse for a so called “corner.”

ID: 3490821

17. This movie theater that seems to have completely given up.

ID: 3495966

18. This expertly placed television.

ID: 3490705

19. This banking app’s vomit-inducing button layout.

ID: 3490411

20. This specially modified toilet-door.

ID: 3496064

21. This stool fraudulently posing as a chair.

ID: 3496176

22. This terrible fire safety advice.

ID: 3496182

23. This endless conflict between hot water and soap.

ID: 3496283

24. This teeth-clenchingly mislaid sewer cap.

ID: 3490318

25. This whole new dimension to the game of basketball.

ID: 3496513

Inspired by the subreddit /r/MildlyInfuriating.

ID: 3497949

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