The Shockingly Large Disparity Between Online Interest In Entertainment Vs. Syria

On social media, a lack of interest in Syria.

1. Since chemicals weapons were used in Syria on Aug. 21, there have been 12.2 million tweets mentioning Syria, according to Twitter. (Note: This was before President Obama’s speech.)

Stringer / Reuters

This number includes “syria,” “#Syria,” “siria,” “damascus,” “#unsg,” “chemical weapons,” “assad,” “#assad,” “assads,” “#prayforpeace,” or “#talksyria.”

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2. To contrast, there were 18,495,883 tweets about the VMAs ON ONE NIGHT.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters / Via Twitter: @2013
ID: 1623982

3. The number of “tweets per minute” — which Twitter uses to measure engagement — about Obama and Syria peaked at 1,553 TPM on Aug. 31 at 1:58 p.m.

Lens Young Homsi, File / AP
ID: 1623961

4. When Miley Cyrus was twerking on Robin Thicke, there were 306,100 TPM.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
ID: 1624047

5. There have been 229,704 tweets mentioning Congress and Syria in the Aug. 21 to Sept. 10 timeframe.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 1625066

6. During NSYNC’s performance at the VMAs, there were 219,800 tweets PER MINUTE.

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 1624213

7. There have been 281,498 tweets using the #prayforpeace hashtag about the Pope’s call for peace in Syria since the chemical weapons attack on Aug. 21.

Ahmad Omar / AP
ID: 1624900

8. When Drake performed at the VMAs there were 194,500 TPM.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 1624314

9. There have been 204,974 tweets mentioning Secretary of State John Kerry and Syria since the chemical weapons attack.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP
ID: 1624247

10. There were 467,217 tweets about the VMA pre-show.

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 1624543

11. Since chemical weapons were used in Syria on Aug. 21, there have been 1,277,365 tweets mentioning Assad.

Pool / Reuters

An aerial photo of a Syrian refugee camp.

ID: 1624552

12. Google recorded over 10 million searches for Miley Cyrus the day after the VMAs.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters / Via forbes.com
ID: 1625280

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