10 Amazing White House Petitions

From El Paso to Alderan.

1. Let El Paso secede from Texas and become part of New Mexico.

ID: 695550

2. Let Canada secede from the United States.

ID: 695551

3. Let Alderan secede from the Galatic Republic.

ID: 695553

4. Have the president attend a Fark.com party.

ID: 695555

5. Deport everyone that signed a petition to secede.

ID: 695557

6. A petition to regulate porno.

ID: 695558

7. Let everyone punch Grover Norquist in the dick.

ID: 695564

8. Have a motorcycle-only judicial system.

ID: 695559

9. “Legalize crystal fucking weed.”

ID: 695565

10. Let Atlanta secede from Georgia if Georgia secedes from the United States.

ID: 695569

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