ObamaCare Website Girl Vanishes

The woman who was featured on the HealthCare.gov homepage and was the subject of a media hunt from news organizations such as CNN, BuzzFeed, Fox News, and others, is mysteriously gone.

She was everywhere….

Via http://HealthCare.Gov

and now she’s gone.

Via http://HealthCare.Gov

Here’s the website today:

Via http://HealthCare.Gov

People on Twitter seemed to be confused by the Obamacare woman’s sudden disappearance.

— katherinemiller (@Katherine Miller)

The government took Obamacare girl away from us :(

— joebrooks (@Joe Brooks)

ObamaCare girl, we hardly knew ye. http://t.co/x5dLUEUfHw

— jaseliberty (@Jason Pye)

They changed the http://t.co/XWkvUI7YQn website. The smiling girl is no longer there! I wish we could enroll in a policy though!

— FanButler (@Shane Williams)

FOX NEWS covering the Obamacare girl gone missing:

— oliverdarcy (@Oliver Darcy)

Has the Obamacare cover girl gone into hiding? http://t.co/CqEDCvROYI

— GeoJonz (@Geo Jonz)

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