A Timeline Of Barack Obama’s Positions On Guns

From openly supporting a handgun ban to working on gun control “under the radar.”

1996: Obama questionnaire says he supports banning assault weapons, handguns.

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2001: Obama helps pass a law against forging gun ID cards and armor-piercing bullets.

2001: Obama helps defeat a concealed-carry law.

2004: Obama says the government can’t confiscate all guns but needs to ban assault weapons.

2004: Obama debates Alan Keyes on gun control, says assault weapons only have one purpose, to kill people.

2007: Obama says gun owners have nothing to fear from an Obama administration, supports owning hand guns, hunting rifles.

2008: Obama says we need a common-sense approach to gun control.

2011: Sarah Brady says Obama told her he is working on gun control “under the radar.”


2012: While delivering remarks in the aftermath of Newtown, Obama says, “We are not doing enough and we will have to change.”

2013: Obama lays out a plan for gun control calling for reinstating the assault weapons ban, background checks for all gun sales, and expanding mental health programs for kids.

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