7 More Interesting Things From The Just-Released Clinton White House Documents

The Clinton Presidential Library released thousands of documents Friday from the Clinton presidency that had been previously held from public view. The documents offer a new look at the Clinton White House’s inner workings.

1. A Clinton adviser referred to the royal family as “screwed up.”

Clinton Library / Via Twitter: @jonswaine

2. The Clinton White House was concerned the Russians might have doctored documents about Lee Harvey Oswald, in relation to the Kennedy assassination.

Clinton Library

3. Clinton adviser Mark Penn told Clinton his numbers go down in the State of the Union address every time he mentions “gays.”

Clinton White House

4. A White House memo drafted by staffers including current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel referred to “gays in the military” as a “negative issue.”

Clinton Library

5. “Send A Muslim!” This was a note from a Clinton White House official following a memo about increased apartment security. The idea was that a prominent Muslim would dispel stereotypes about terrorism.

Clinton Library

6. Clinton, like Obama, made the “keep your doctor” pledge about health care reform. Something a Clinton aide named Todd thought that was an over-promise.

Clinton Library

7. In the 1990s, people were still making “NOT!” jokes.

Clinton Library

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