32 Revealing Photos Of New York City In The 1970s

A lot has changed.

1. Two girls posing in front of a graffiti wall in Lynch Park, Brooklyn.

ID: 1290491

2. Passengers entering a Lexington Avenue subway car.

ID: 1290505

3. Children running down an abandoned slide in Coney Island.

ID: 1290648

4. Three young children on Bond Street in Brooklyn.

ID: 1290652

5. People talking on pay phones at Broadway and 34th Street.

ID: 1290658

6. A car left rusting in Jamaica Bay.

ID: 1290670

7. A man reading the newspaper at the Lexington Avenue subway station.

ID: 1290676

8. A family waiting for a train to arrive at the Lexington Avenue subway station.

ID: 1290734

9. Children playing at the East River Park playground in Manhattan.

ID: 1290746

10. Murals at the Hell’s Kitchen Playground.

ID: 1290747

11. The Manhattan Bridge as seen from Brooklyn.

ID: 1290779

12. People checking out some boats floating in the East River.

ID: 1290788

13. A older man reading the newspaper on the subway.

ID: 1290826

14. A man lying down on a bench at the Riis Park boardwalk.

ID: 1290856

15. A woman sitting on a graffiti-filled subway car.

ID: 1290871

16. Three boys striking a pose in Lynch Park.

ID: 1290885

17. A fire set by the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute tests wires and insulations.

ID: 1290896

18. A political mural in lower Manhattan.

ID: 1290988

19. A woman reading the New York Post on the subway.

ID: 1290991

20. A line of taxis getting stuck in traffic.

ID: 1291000

21. Two boys playing Frisbee across West 46th Street in Manhattan.

ID: 1291013

22. Children at the Kosciusko public swimming pool in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

ID: 1291020

23. A mural of black sports heroes on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.

ID: 1291036

24. People hanging out in East River Park in Manhattan.

ID: 1291045

25. An apartment terrace garden above 170 West End Avenue.

ID: 1291059

26. A home partially gutted by fire in Lynch Park.

ID: 1291071

27. The 1 train covered in graffiti.

ID: 1291074

28. An abandoned ice cream truck in Jamaica Bay.

ID: 1291080

29. Apartment houses in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

ID: 1291100

30. Young people hanging out on a stoop in Lynch Park.

ID: 1291110

31. A tired woman riding the subway.

ID: 1291116

32. Passengers waiting for the train at the 86th Street subway station.

ID: 1291122

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