20 Powerful Black-And-White Photographs Of Regular Americans From History

The untold faces of our country.

20. This young migratory worker mother who traveled 35 miles to pick peas for $2.25 a day. She lived in a camp with her two children and husband.


ID: 1287176

19. This Japanese-American grandmother waiting to be moved to an internment camp during World War II.


ID: 1287251

18. These 10 small boys who worked in a cotton mill in North Carolina in 1908.


ID: 1287326

17. This young girl at that same mill staring out a window. She had already worked there more than a year.


ID: 1287333

16. This worker helping build the frame of the Empire State Building in the 1930s.


ID: 1287585

15. This young boy working in a canning factory in East Maine in 1911. He got paid five cents per box of cans and produced five boxes each day.


ID: 1288025

14. These unemployed men attending a meeting of the Workers Alliance Council during the Great Depression in West Virginia.


ID: 1287595

13. These women at a Florida vocational school learning how to do work to support the war effort in the 1940s.


ID: 1287637

12. This young girl who worked in fields in Massachusetts in the early 1900s carrying raspberries.


ID: 1287600

11. This woman rebuilding an airplane engine. The 20-year-old woman had a private pilot’s license and had made cross-country flights.


ID: 1287662

10. This 87-year-old Georgia man who had 11 sons that served during World War I.


ID: 1287714

9. These nurses at an American Red Cross parade in Alabama during World War I.


ID: 1287759

8. This young drummer boy who was a member of the United States infantry during the Civil War.

ID: 1287794

7. These two young servicemen that celebrated Thanksgiving in New York City during World War I.


ID: 1287823

6. These two women holding a banner for women’s suffrage in Washington D.C. in 1918.


ID: 1287894

5. These two women working at a U.S. Steel mill in Gary, Ind. during World War II.


ID: 1287975

4. This wounded Civil War soldier resting in a deserted war camp.


ID: 1287986

3. This elderly man who worked in a silk factory during the Great Depression, but after injury was unable to work and had to make a living sewing in his home.


ID: 1288026

2. These Japanese-Americans at an internment camp in Utah celebrating New Year’s in 1944.


ID: 1288027

1. This wounded World War II veteran with his son after returning home from the war.


ID: 1288028

All photos via the National Archives.

ID: 1288164

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