12 NSYNC’s Greatest Hits Updated For Their Now Twentysomething Fan Base

Though our love and devotion will ALWAYS remain steadfast, a few things have changed for NSYNC fans over the last 10 years.

1. 1. Bye Bye Bye (To My Ability to Digest Gluten)

ID: 1551508

2. 2. I Drive Myself Crazy (Comparing My Personal and Professional Successes to Those of My Peers)

ID: 1551518

3. 3. It’s Gonna Be Me (Who Gets Mugged, According to All the Articles My Mother Emails Me)

ID: 1551525

4. 4. I Want You Back (But I’ve Had Several Drinks So Please Disregard This Text You Know What Just Come Over It’s Fine Feelings Aren’t Real Until They Are)

ID: 1551526

5. 5. (My Health Insurance is) Gone (Because I’m 26)

ID: 1551531

6. 6. God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You (Or Maybe it Was A Different Deity Or Maybe it was Nothing I Honestly Don’t Know What I Believe Anymore Sorry Mom and Dad Thank You for That Expensive Bat Mitzvah it Was Really Fun)

ID: 1551534

7. 7. Pop (Goes My Adult Acne)

ID: 1551535

8. 8. This I Promise You (Someday I Will Stop Stealing Small Unnoticeable Bits of My Roommates’ Food While They’re Sleeping)

ID: 1551536

9. 9. No Strings Attached (Is a Romantic Policy That Works Zero Percent of The Time)

ID: 1551539

10. 10. It Makes Me Ill (That You Made That Face After I Said I’m A Feminist)

ID: 1551544

11. 11. Just Got Paid (Above Minimum Wage for the First Time Since Graduating And I Still Can’t Afford My Apartment)

ID: 1551545

12. 12. I’ll be Good For You (I Will Leave You Emotionally Damaged But Also Show You The Importance of Facial Moisturizer)

ID: 1551550

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