A Dog’s Guide To Enjoying Your Snow Day


It’s a perfect day! The ground is covered in your favorite thing ever: SNOW!

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Snow is more fun that going for a ride in the car + eating + getting a belly rub! You wish it snowed every day.

1. Make sure to tell your human about the snow. They love it almost as much as you do!

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2. The first thing you want to do is run around the yard.

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3. Like, run around the entire yard.

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4. Then you should roll around in the snow!!!!

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Not only does it feel incredible , but it makes your human laugh!

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It’s like scratching that one spot on your back, but better.

5. You can make snow angels!

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There is nothing the human enjoys more than watching you make a snow angel. And your favorite thing to do is make your human happy, right??

6. You’re going to have to entertain your human.

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Humans love the snow, but sometimes they don’t understand how to play in it.

7. But you can also play with your best friend!

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The only thing better than playing in the snow, is playing with friends!

8. “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

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“C’mon let’s go and play!”

9. You have to climb the snow mountain!

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If you get all the way to the top, you’re master of the backyard.


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11. And get your picture taken?

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For some reason your human has been calling your name every five seconds and pointing the tiny sound maker at you. You don’t know what it means, but it makes them happy, so you’re happy.

12. Did I mention running?

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13. Oh, you gotta eat some snow!

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You’re not sure if it tastes like anything at all, but it’s sooooo good.

14. If you get too cold, tell your human!

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For some reason, they stopped playing in the snow a while ago and have been watching you from the glass door.

15. Sleep.

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It’s been the best day in the whole world. If you sleep now, you can do it all again tomorrow!

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