25 Animals Who Celebrate "Thirsty Thursday"

Drink up kittens! Everyone’s got a reason to drink on Thursday.

Who cares if there is one day left of the work/school week? These guys sure don’t. Thursday is their day to get down to what’s important: drinking.

1. The “give me a beer and we’re cool” pup:

Via asktreblig1995.tumblr.com

2. The “Whiskey makes me frisky” turtle:

Via turtlefeed.tumblr.com

3. The “wasssuppp gurrlll” giraffe:

Via buzzfeedanimals.tumblr.com

“You’re so pretty. And that’s totally not the booze talking.”

4. The “I didn’t spill my drink!!!!” monkey:

Via gifmovie.tumblr.com

“Did you guys see that?!?!?!”

5. The ” self-proclaimed beer pong champ” cat:

Via bidiculous.tumblr.com

6. The “I don’t know my own tolerance” bunny:

Via bunnyfood.tumblr.com

7. The “double-fisting is more efficient” squirrel:

Via lmaostuffeveryday.tumblr.com

“The bartender takes forever to get me a beer.”

8. The “wine is everything” cats:

Via flickr.com

9. The “we forgot we work on Fridays” dogs:

10. The “I’ll leave you the second someone cooler comes around” dog:

Via animalshavingparties.tumblr.com

11. The “hey, what happened to the lights?” hedgehog:

Via whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

12. The “wait, what kind of shot is that?” kitten:

Via reddit.com

“That didn’t taste like vodka…”

13. The “we only smoke when we drink” puppies:

Via ducksfan.tumblr.com

14. The “I’m totally hooking up with someone tonight, no matter what” dog:

Via reddit.com

15. The “master of the face plant” hamster:

Via tumblr.com

16. The “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” turtle:

Via turtlefeed.tumblr.com

17. The “Wait, it’s not Friday?” cats:

Via profoundly-dumbfounded.tumblr.com

18. The “yeah, I can totally finish a bottle by myself” puppy:

Via sairobee.tumblr.com

19. The “bro, grab me a beer? I’ll get you back” donkey:

Via luposangue.tumblr.com

But he never actually gets you back. In fact, you don’t see him for the rest of the night.

20. The “yeah, I pregamed. Just a little bit” guinea pig:

Via animalshavingparties.tumblr.com

21. The “don’t worry, the bouncer will totally let me in” dog:

Via stubbiethecorgi.tumblr.com

“Wait, did he see me fall?”

22. The “I don’t care what kind. Rum is rum” cat:

23. The “How did I get here?” chicken:

Via imgur.com

“I was with my friends just a second ago, I swear.”

24. The “Ohhhhhh, that’s my jam!” penguin:

Via tumblr.com

25. The “official Thirsty Thursday” dog:

Via corgnelius.tumblr.com

*Not exactly official.

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