22 Different Types Of Hangovers

From “I feel great” to “I’m pretty sure hell is is better than this.” We’ve all been there.

1. The “Hangover? What hangover, I feel great!” hangover.

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2. The “I’m not hungover, I’m still drunk” hangover.

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3. The “If I lay just like this, I might not puke on myself today” hangover.

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4. The “fuck coordination” hangover.

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5. The “holy shit, what the hell happened last night” hangover.

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6. The “standing takes too much energy” hangover.

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7. The “just leave me here, I’ll be fine” hangover.

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8. The “please, someone help me” hangover.

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9. The “I’m not even going to try fucking moving” hangover.

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10. The “my mouth tastes like the bar floor” hangover.

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11. The “what has my life come to” hangover.

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12. The “Make it stop, please make it stop” hangover.

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13. The “I need to get my shit together, but not now” hangover.

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14. The “fuck, it’s way too bright in here” hangover.

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15. The “For the love of God, please just let me sleep” hangover.

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16. The “I am never drinking, ever, ever again” hangover.

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17. The “dude, what the fuck did we drink” hangover.

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18. The “I did what for a shot?!” hangover.

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19. The “once I shower I’ll feel better” hangover.

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20. The “how the HELL did we get here?!?!” hangover.

ID: 2417201

21. The “what fresh hell is this?” hangover.

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22. The “today wasn’t so bad, I’m sure I’ll feel fine tomorrow” hangover.

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