ZOMG Fashion Week? Time For Cocaine Jokes!

Here are 17 that wound up on Twitter.

First, the obvious “Fashion Week is sapping the cocaine supply” jokes:


Joan Rivers even got in on this:


I love meeting all the designers at Fashion Week. This year they're pushing more new lines than Courtney Love's dealer.

— Joan_Rivers (@Joan Rivers)

And the less funny, sometimes nonsensical tweets that I assume were attempts at gut-busting humor:


The sewers will be flooded with cocaine and vomit. RT @GaryJanetti It's fashion week in New York which means... um... uh... nothing.

— buckmemphis (@buck memphis)

I reckon Andy Murray is snorting coke off a model at New York Fashion Week right now.

— AchinglyChic (@William Jones)

Since its fashion week, this is when the economy is good for coke dealers. #fact

— AlFenza (@AL FENZA)

The only difference between Fashion Week and Shark Week is that the sharks don't do lines of coke and bang the photographer after it's over

— theweeklydrunk (@Drunk Santa)

ultimate #nyfw starbucks drink would be a venti skim vanilla cigarette butt latte with an expresso shot, no whip & a dash of colombian coke.

— BissieSmalls (@Republic of Anthony )

Shouts to the PR girls who can go back to their steady diets of coke and cock now that #NYFW is pretty much over.

— NYDoorman (@NYC Doorman)

And people who might not even be joking at all:


“@INTERMIX: Ever wonder what keeps our buyers going though fashion week? #NYFW” From my experience, cocaine.

— soleilalaplage (@soleilalaplage)

which fuckwit fashion PR thought it would be a nice treat to give FROWers at #NYFW coke as a gift bag item?

— FashionFuckwit (@FashionFuckwit)

Very easy to score "stuffs" in NY might I add. I just got out the airport. O yeah its NYFW. Coke n Mollymen are booming.

— YourHighness___ (@Courtney Williams)

@ArmaniExchange #Espresso is the ticket... it's pretty much the #caffeine version of #cocaine, unless your already on that O_O #NYFW

— corywillet (@Cory Willet)

Overheard last night at Jason Wu after party: "the only thing more addictive than cocaine is fame." happy day 3 of #NYFW! Go get 'em

— nycConfidential (@Confidenti@l)

I wonder how much cocaine models do during fashion week... #curious

— GianaDiGiulio (@Giana DiGiulio)

It's "it's harder to get into the bathroom than getting into the ultra exclusive fashion party because everyone is on cocaine" week #NYFW

— SLUTLUST (@Morocco J)

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