The Olympics Bring Michelle Obama, The Queen, And Kate Middleton Together Again

Are the Olympics the best or are they the best? (Answer: the best!)

1. Michelle Obama arrives at Buckingham Palace for a reception welcoming top people like hers to the U.K. for the Olympics.

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Here she is — wearing clothes, it must be noted — with U.K. ambassador Louis Susman. Judging by the slight grimace on her face, she might be noticing how Kate’s drab outfit doesn’t stack up to her fab one.

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2. Here’s Kate, boozing it up with the president of Mongolia (left).

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For some reason she seems to have raided the queen’s wardrobe of powder blue coats and cinched it at the waist with a dyed-to-match seatbelt.

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3. MObama and K-Mid come together at last!!!!!!!!

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FLOTUS: Ohhhh you are dressed just like the queen. How oddly old of you.
Duchess: Just trying to look stiff enough so that I can get away with drinking and not looking like the nightclub floozy I used to be.
FLOTUS: Dammit! So you’re not pregnant.
Duchess: *Smirks*

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4. Michelle enjoys face time with the queen.

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Queen: I always say, if I were in the Games I’d be a rhythmic gymnast…

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POOL / Reuters

Queen: (cont’d) …because no one understands the complexity of what I do, a lot of people resent me, and I’m constantly overshadowed by certain other ladies.

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