The 15 Snobbiest Moms On The Internet

Urban Baby is like Reddit for snooty New York City parents. The people who posted to a thread about what makes someone a “striver” will scare you.

The site Urban Baby is home to some of the snobbiest parents on the internet. Like…

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1. The mom who asked the community to define what makes someone a social “striver.”

Striver meaning someone who wants to appear rich.

ID: 954605

2. The mom who drops high society-specific acronyms.

(SIL = sister-in-law.)

ID: 954602

3. The mom who thinks she knows the exact translation of “NOCD.”

ID: 954614

4. The mom who thinks she’s classy for trashing Coach bags anonymously online instead of IRL.

ID: 954647

5. The mom whose mother “allowed” her “to wear a no-name bag.”

ID: 954661

6. The mom telling people to look things up in the “Official Preppy Handbook.”

ID: 954670

7. The mom *snort*-ing at people who tell others to look things up in the “Official Preppy Handbook.”

ID: 954676

8. The mom who is this familiar with the concept of “moving purses.”

ID: 954681

9. The mom who suggests carrying Coach bags as an act of charity.

ID: 954748

10. The mom who wonders “what kind of loser lives in an apartment in Brookline.”

ID: 954841

11. The mom who likes fashion and sees her children as “like having two little dolls.”

ID: 954849

12. The mom who doesn’t want her “dear daughter” (or “DD”) listening to hip-hop.

ID: 954855

13. The mom who uses the word “caste.”

Especially when responding to a question about what makes someone a “striver.”

ID: 954861

14. The mom who accuses “aspiring writers” of trolling Urban Baby for inspiration for their novels.

ID: 954862

15. The mom who offered this “FYI” to “Strivers.”

ID: 954864

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