“Mad Men” Fashion Recap: The 11 Best Looks From Last Night’s Episode

The new guy’s expertly mixed prints, Joan’s sexy florals, Sally’s jaw-dropping nightgown, and more.

1. Peggy’s mannish pea green dress and tie.

It’s like one degree of brightening (and tightness) away from something you might see on “Gossip Girl.”

2. Joan’s mom’s bright yellow florals.

You can buy similar things on QVC today, folks! And I wouldn’t put it past the hipsters to try to make shower caps happen.

3. Joan’s head wrap.

It’s the kind of thing you see people try to pull off every season with varying (but mostly failed) degrees of success. Joan demonstrates how it’s done.

4. The new guy’s mixed prints.

I feel like I will be saying this every week, but this man knows how to mix prints. Chloe Sevigny is going to try calling him for style advice/to borrow one of his ties one of these days and then be sorely disappointed when she remembers he’s fictional.

5. Joan’s sexy floral “welcome home hubby” dress.

These rose prints are great with her red hair.

6. Joan’s sexy nightgown.

It looks like a gown gown, almost.

7. Stan’s mustard blazer and matching tie.

Some fabulously dandy man or woman could absolutely pull this off today.

8. Don’s ex’s yellow dress.

Yellow is a very hard color to wear and as odious as this woman was it didn’t look bad on her.

9. Sally’s nightgown.

How many grown women are coveting this today? If I had to observe Easter in some official capacity and needed a thing to wear for it, a slightly less ruffle-y blouse version this would be top of my list.

10. Megan’s stripes.

Very Prada/now.

11. Joan’s baby’s light blue wrap.

With Blue Ivy’s non-stop baby glamour sweeping the nation, it’s refreshing to see some other famous babies bringing it back to basics. Baby minimalism FTW, I say.

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