“Mad Men” Fashion Recap: Megan’s Dressed Down Housewife Clothes And Betty’s Chubby Clothes

Also, Pete’s mistress plays with fur, man plaid sweeps the office, and more style highlights.

1. Betty’s picking-up-the-kids outfit.

This was some shrewd styling by the costume department. Betty’s outfit totally did not go with the space, and said “I live in a creepy suburban mansion” much more than it did, “I belong in a sunken living room.”

2. Everything Sally wore.

The perks of being a child — on TV you look adorable in anything,

3. Man plaid!

Seen here on Ginsberg.


And here on Harry.

5. Megan’s housewife wardrobe.

It’s less exciting than her office attire, but since she’s not in sweats yet, let us rejoice in her cheerful yellow apron.

6. Betty’s red coat.

She didn’t look that bloated in this.

7. The outfits at the weight loss club meeting.

A cheerful assortment of colors offset the depressing thought of being in a weight loss club.

8. Megan’s poor friend’s patterned top.

This may be one of the most exciting short sleeved tops to have been worn on this show.

9. Megan’s color-block cardigan.

10. Betty’s scary nightgown.

It looks like the dust ruffle the canopy bed from my childhood wore.

11. Jane’s colorful lounging attire.

See? At least when she sits around doing nothing, she goes glam with it.

12. The saucy coat on Pete’s mistress (Alexis Bledel!).

Look! No bra!

This is probably how J. Lo goes around in the winter.

13. Peggy’s sensible houndstooth skirt.

14. Megan’s orange boatneck top.

Sally looks appropriately unsure of the color.

15. Jane’s depressed dinnerware.

Spring blooms on her breasts but not in her heart.

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