Justin Bieber Now “Canadian Idiot”

Thanks, Twitter!

1. “Canadian Idiot” started trending on Twitter, reminding people of arguably the world’s most famous Canadian.

U know when you're a belieber when u see "Canadian Idiot" trending and you think of Justin Bieber.

— KidrauhlAwww (@Blame It On Nolan ބ)

7. Some “Beliebers” were quick to put a positive spin (“my idiot”) on the association.

RT @biebsfixedme: Canadian Idiot, but, he's my idiot. http://t.co/AVrLY0w5

— KaruSole (@Swaggy)

8. “Canadian Idiot” refers to the Weird Al song.

Canadian Idiot is supposed to be about a song, but we made it into Justin because that's just how we roll.

— Justin_LovesMe_ (@just look at us now.)

9. But the Bieber association seems to be much more interesting to Twitter users overall.


— Coscienza_ (@shawty ∞)

10. Is it appropriate?

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

11. Only you can decide!

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

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