How To Reinvent The Selfie

It involves mocking them, basically. Also: VINE!

We’re all new to Vine, the app that allows you to create six-second video clips to share on your social network of choice. Fashion people are now completely obsessed with it because it turned out to be a far superior to Instagram in terms of showing followers that you’re 1) at a fashion week show, and maybe 2) sitting in a really great seat at said fashion week show. Yet many of us have resisted using Vine for that other thing Instagram became absolutely essential for: selfies.

Meet Holly Resendes, who has been using the #nyfw tag to post funny, ironic self-portraits that feel like the perfect reaction to everyone’s “LOOK AT ME WEARING MY CLOTHES” attitude these days that was popularized first by personal style blogs and that now runs rampant on social media.

Resendes, who makes a line of funky bowties and jewelry, said she did not go to fashion week, but explained, “I follow Man Repeller hardcore. She is my inspiration.” Since Resendes didn’t think many people were on Vine yet, she sought to “pinoneer a bit of funny fashion.”

Not only do her Vines joyously parody the shameless narcissism of personal-style bloggers and selfie-takers (so, you know, all of us), she also touches on that thing celebrities have been annoying about for ages — hashtagging any old word or phrase just for the hell of it (see: J. Lo).

SEXY FOR MY VALENTINE. shhhh. #valentine #sexy #shh #death #loser #love #ootd #fashion

— hollyresendes (@holly resendes)

So, the next time you want to share a selfie, do it on Vine.

And resist the urge to take yourself too seriously. You’re not the only person wearing an outfit today.

VDAY BREAKFAST. #valentine #thin #fashion #love #ootd #selfie #brooklyn must be #popular and #pretty please!!!!

— hollyresendes (@holly resendes)

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