Britney Spears’ Bikini Body Before And After Photoshop

Turns out her hips don’t lie.

1. Here’s Britney’s latest Shape magazine cover.

2. On March 25, Britney was photographed in a bikini in Malibu.


These photos were probably snapped around the same time as her Shape photo shoot, maybe a little after.


4. So how much was her cover retouched?


5. A lot — like all magazine covers — but at least it doesn’t really look like they changed her…shape.


Evident “corrections” to the photos, determined with the help of a retouching expert:

• Her skin has been smoothed all over.
• Her armpits have been smoothed out (erased, basically).
• Her cleavage has been enhanced and made to appear perfectly symmetrical.

The GOOD thing about this retouching job? Though they might have slimmed her raised arm, it doesn’t look like they slimmed her down or changed her body shape much overall (maybe they nipped her waist in a bit, but probably not much if so). Often retouchers add or subtract flesh to photos as seen fit — bony models are often filled out, while celebs’ flesh is often dialed back. So there’s nothing terribly out of the ordinary or shocking about this cover job.

So now you know: Britney’s hips don’t lie. And it’s always great to see a beautiful woman on a cover who isn’t a size 0.

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