Blame Sarah Jessica Parker If This WTF Denim Look Catches On


1. Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker in a pair of Current/Elliot skinnies, going to pick her girls up from school in New York.

Fame Flynet

They jeans are named “the slouchy stiletto,” which means they’re skinny jeans with a baggy crotch, basically. So think Justin Bieber but with a lot more inseam between the fly and your knees.

2. It looks like Parker scrunched them up around her calves on purpose. Probably to show off her fly cut-out ankle boots.

Via http://Fame%20Flynet

3. So if you see chicks everywhere scrunching up their boyfriend fit skinnies, you know who to blame!

Or thank, if you kind of dig this look in a weird way, which I might? I simply CANNOT DECIDE.

4. The $268 pants are SOLD OUT on Shopbop.

Which means it’s only a matter of time before they take over the world and everyone starts wearing them flood-style like our homegirl SJP.

THE SUMMER OF UGLY DENIM IS UPON US, EVERYONE!! Will you get on board or scoff from the sidelines? It’s a very personal decision — feel free to take your time.

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