Appreciating Amanda Bynes’s Fashion Line Of Yore

By “yore” I mean 2007, which is practically a lifetime ago.

1. Take a moment to transport yourself back — way, WAY BACK — to the summer of 2007.

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2. After four long years on the air, The Simple Life was about to end.

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3. Britney Spears hadn’t done this yet.

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4. The Kardashians were nobodies!

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5. The stock market hadn’t even crashed.

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6. And Twitter looked like this.

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7. So, what was Amanda Bynes doing at this time?

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8. Why, she was launching her clothing line. Remember pre-recession times, when every celebrity had one of those? Hers was named “Dear.”

She designed it for Steve & Barry, a victim of the recession that also carried Sarah Jessica Parker’s line “Bitten,” which you also probably forgot.

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9. The clothes were the picture of innocence.

Waldo turtlenecks, charm jewelry, hoodies with a music note motif.

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10. Amanda appeared in promotional materials for the line.

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11. When she attended the New York launch event in August at a downtown sushi restaurant, she looked kind of like Lindsay Lohan.

Because I’m just that prescient, I noted the similarity in my report of the event for “I never got to go to prom. I’ve been working since I was 7. I’ve been on TV since I was 10,” she told me. “It was time for me to glam it up. I’m 21 — these are the things that appeal to me!”

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12. Bynes wore a deer around her neck.

Dear, deer — you know.

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13. The Steve & Barry’s founder posed gleefully with a glowing Bynes at another event promoting her Seventeen cover.

Chris Weeks / WireImage
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14. Waist belts were happening. Strawberry cake was eaten.

Chris Weeks / WireImage
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15. Bynes’s adoring fans crammed into a booth to bask in her presence.

Chris Weeks / WireImage
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16. And when the line finally hit stores, people of all ages showed up to record it with camcorders and large cameras.

Barry Brecheisen / WireImage
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17. Because not that many people had iPhones yet.

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18. Fast forward to now: and Bynes is being stealth-recorded spastically working out at the gym.

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19. And starting a clothing line. Inspired by Justin Bieber.

“I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line, Elizabeth and James, and I love how Justin Bieber dresses,” she told InTouch. “My line will be a mixture of sick styles, and it’s going to be for everybody.”

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20. If you can’t wait for Amanda’s next line, you can still buy her Dear stuff on Amazon.

But hurry because there’s only one left in stock, guys.

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