24 Ridiculous Ways Fashion Week People Dealt With The Blizzard

Despite the abysmal weather, nothing at fashion week has been canceled — leaving everyone at the shows in a state of denial about the impending doom. (At least, judging by their shoes.)

1. By wearing fur vests.

I saw more fur vests at Fashion Week today than I’ve seen on just about every Bravo show, ever.

2. And fur hats.

This one is Thakoon. Because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be at Fashion Week.

3. By wearing a leopard blanket with a fur hood.

And looking scared. Because the blizzard is frightful, truly.

4. By not wearing socks.

5. By wearing completely impractical shoes.

FYI this woman was photographed so much outside the Jason Wu show, you’d have thought she was Jessica Simpson announcing going on a juice fast.

6. By putting plastic bags over cameras so that street style photography can still happen.

7. By instagraming selfies that show off a fur coat.

8. By bringing well-heeled children to fashion shows.

It’s a snow day. Where else were they supposed to go??

9. By having carbs out. Probably mostly for show.

Everyone was talking on social media about the soft pretzels at the rag & bone show, but no one seemed to confirm actually ingesting the treat.

10. By making ironic statements about the hyper-ridiculous state of fashion week street style.


11. By having servants hold an umbrella over their heads.

12. Which is really nice when you’re not wearing tights — a common phenomenon.

13. By dressing like this is South Beach.

I love this. A perfect sartorial statement of meteorological denial.

14. By dressing up their dogs in coats and tiny shoes.

15. By wearing office pants that drag through the snow.

Hi, Olivia Palermo!

18. By posing in white pants for street style photographers, while the snow blew sideways at like 50 mph into their faces.

Amy Odell

19. By instagramming the tractor plowing Lincoln Center, which will keep them all from falling on their faces during this mess.

21. By sharing memes on Instagram.

22. By carrying designer umbrellas.

In the center of the Lincoln Center courtyard, where everyone can see you.

23. By wearing pants under skirts.

But skipping the socks, obviously.

24. By sharing photos of the wine they’re drinking to get through it all.

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