16 Photos Of Amazing Innovations In Men’s Tee-Shirts

Picture Anna Wintour’s face covered in crab legs. Edgy, right?

1. With spring approaching, you’re probably thinking about tee-shirts.

Artist and designer Christopher Lee Sauvé has been turning fashion and celebrity icons into witty graphic tee shirts for several years. He recently collaborated with artist Scooter LaForge on the painted tees you see in these images (they’re sadly not available for sale as of now, but you can buy the tees that aren’t painted from Sauvé’s online store). “We’re basically influenced by punk culture, anarchy — everything from that to the Pillsbury Dough Boy,” Sauvé explained. “Very commercial, iconic pop, but as a pattern. There’s a lot of super homoerotic stuff on [the tees] too, like the army boots on the Tom Ford one [pictured below], which is very S&M.”

The ’80s are pervasive in Sauvé’s aesthetic — the faces with crab legs you see on the above “Save Anna” shirt represent Siouxsie and the Banshees.


The tights you see throughout are men’s tights from We Love Colors. “They do crazy, hypnotic colored tights,” said Sauvé, who worked with stylist Adtresa Edmundson on this shoot. “They pair so beautifully with the shirts bc the shirts are printed all over.”


Sauvé found this sweatshirt “for like $2” in Vancouver, and wore it to LaForge’s studio one day. He suggested Sauvé take it off so he could paint it, and this is the result.


6. You might recognize this iconic image.

“That’s the photo of Britney Spears shaving her head,” Sauvé said, explaining the hair on the sleeves is supposed to be “like the hair that’s left over.”


This model’s hair was straightened to match the extensions growing from his sleeves.


This tee is shown with a women’s jacket from Zara.


These painted tees are merely the first installment of Sauvé and LaForge’s ongoing collaboration.

Photographer: Christopher Logan
Models: Evan Leff; Re:Quest Model Management
Andre Bona; Re:Quest Model Management
Stylist: Adtresa Edmundson
Hair: Lazarus Douvos
Makeup: Jessica Ross
Photo & Production Lead: Nathan Zubal
Post-Production: Jonathan Luciano

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