11 New Tweets Prove Ryan Lochte Still Unintentionally Hilarious On Twitter

He answered questions from fans in today’s #asklochte special. Our favorite Olympian proved insightful, as always.

1. Ryan unabashedly discussed a wide range of subjects with his fans, including even his love life.

2. And — because he’s such an open book — his favorite dance move.

3. He sought to inspire.

4. And elegantly lend his expertise.

5. He politely ignored grammar mistakes. (That is, if he even noticed them.)


“@AlexPozo97: #asklochte @ryanlochte who many hours do you usually trainning?” About 4-6 hrs a day

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

7. And even cracked jokes before getting down to business.

“@lizz_wanda: @ryanlochte what wa your favorite subject in school? #asklochte” lunch haha... Math

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

8. But he was unfailingly forthright.

“@howCHLOcanyougo: How did you come up with the phrase #jeah #asklochte @ryanlochte” One day I said #jeah instead of yeah and it stuck

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

9. Even when it was gross.

“@Liz_Fulco: @ryanlochte Favorite snack food? #asklochte” @Gatorade bar

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

10. And when it was over he got right back to work.

“@emilytakacs: @Ryanlochte water you doing right now? #asklochte” Have to head to a meeting in 5 min...

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

11. …whatever that is.

Thanks for the fun #asklochte! In meeting now to review tape to get better #jeah http://t.co/7ad9asPH

— ryanlochte (@Ryan Lochte)

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