8 Carpets Meticulously Crafted From Everyday Objects

Just be careful not to actually step on them.

1. Fork Carpet

ID: 769288

3. Pasta Carpet

ID: 769292

6. Hardware Carpet

ID: 769294

8. Thumbtack Carpet

ID: 769296

10. Sponge Carpet

ID: 769298

13. Bottle Carpet

ID: 769302

16. Disposable Carpet

ID: 769306

19. Candybar Carpet

ID: 769333

22. All of the carpets are designed by Dutch artists WE MAKE CARPETS.

Their tagline is “Temporary contemporary carpets,” and they’ve got even more astounding creations to check out on their website.

ID: 769315

Via Booooooom.

ID: 769317

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