Adorable Dog Is Amazing At Balancing Things On His Head

This pooch deserves all of the treats. Thank you, Redditor doigoid, for bringing your pup into our lives.

1. This is Jack.

He’s an Australian Cattle Dog, possibly mixed with something else, according to his owner doigoid.

2. He’s got impeccable balance.

3. And thus a challenge was born: name a common household object, and Jack will balance it on his head.

Three rolls of toilet paper.

A couple tomatoes.

Empty beer bottle.

But obviously Jack didn’t drink it. You think he’d have this much stability after throwing back a brewski?

A stack of cups, “awkwardly balanced Dr. Seuss style.”

A can of Campbell’s soup.

Attn: Andy Warhol.

A bottle of shampoo.

Just look at the level of focus going on in those eyes.

A high-heeled shoe.

A bottle of wine.

Again, definitely not Jack who drank this.

14. This is about the point where Jack’s expression changes from “Ooh, fun challenge!” to “Ok, human, I’ve had enough.”

A big pillow.

15. And yet we soldier on.

A flask/piggy bank.

A glass of water.

Maybe Jack drank this, but after all the alcohol that was imbibed, hopefully it was his owner instead.

Rubik’s Cube coasters.

22. Of course, there’s one thing he can’t balance…

“Who, me?”

23. The family cat.

Because she’s not having any of it.

“Just try to put me on his head. I dare you.”

24. Finally, after a long day of balancing, Jack gets to take a well-deserved nap.

Bravo, Jack. Bravo.

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